Plug into the Power of Bruce's Voice

Bruce has been entertaining and informing since his spoke his first words. At an early age, he learned to mimic the voices of his favorite television characters starting with the "Fonz" and graduating to actors, cartoon characters and news personalities. In 1989, he recorded his first professional voice over while working as a news broadcaster.


In more than twenty-five years, he has lent his voice to hundreds of projects to help businesses promote their image of difference. He works extremely hard to help your client meet and exceed their goals. No project is too big or too small and he prides himself on working with his clients and their budgets to create the perfect message. 


He is a true professional and the hardest working voice over talent you can hire. Do you need a voice that will command attention to your commercial? A striking voice to promote your station and its programming? A distinct and creative character or charactrers for an animated film or video game? An authoritative voice to sell a car and distinguish your brand? A trustworthy gentleman to discuss your corporation and what it stands for? A talented public speaker with the gift of ad-lib for a live event? 


If you need any of these voices and a lot more, you need Bruce Silverman to voice your next project!



About Bruce